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2017 Stonebridge Cup Setup and Prizes
2017 Challenge Rules

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This is an 18 hole stableford event with handicaps.

Scoring will be broken down into the following:

Double Eagle – 10 points                                         Bogey – 1 Point

Eagle – 6 Points                                                       Double Bogey – 0 Points

Birdie – 3 Points                                                      Triple Bogey or more – (-3 points)

Par – 2 Points

Play will be from the BLUE tees for all those under 62 years of age.  
Those 62-72 and older will play from the WHITE tees. 
Golfers 73 and older will play from the GREEN tees 

2017 Cup Rules


In order to qualify for year-end prizes, you must play in at least three (3) events.

You must have an active GHIN handicap in order to participate in the net division of each event. Your lowest handicap over the past six (6) months will be used for each event.

Players that do not have an established handicap will play at a (+5) handicap for the net 

Players under the age of 62 will play from the Blue Tees

Players 62 years of age and older will play from the White Tees.

Players 73 years of age and older will play from the Green Tees. 


2017 Year End Prizes


                     2018 Full membership ($1,400 Value)                  

                          2018 PDP Benefits ($468 Value)                 
$300 Gift Card 

$200 Gift Card

$100 Gift Card


                  2018 Full membership ($1,400 Value)                 

                          2018 PDP Benefits ($468 Value)                         

$300 Gift Card 

Prizes subject to change based on participation.