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Wild Card Week

What better way to celebrate the start of baseball playoffs than giving away some free golf?

For the next 6 days, we are going to host a poker contest where you can prizes ranging from $5 off your next round through a two (2) month membership.  It's real simple to play...all you have to do is "Get Connected" with Stonebridge.

Starting on Tuesday October 6 through Sunday October 11, stop by the pro shop to get your cards and see if you can beat the house.  
Here are the rules:
You get 3 cards for verifying/providing your mailing and email address
You get 1 card for  joining our text club. (Text BRIDGE to 24587 to sign up)
You get 1 card for liking our Facebook page. (Click here to visit us)

If you hand finishes with any of the following hands, you are a winner.

Jack High or a Pair  - Win $5 off your next round
2 pair or 3 of a kind - Win $5 off you next round plus 20% off non-sale pro shop merchandise
*Straight or Flush - Win $10 off your next round
*Full House or 4 of a kind - Win a FREE Round of Golf
*Straight Flush - Win 2 FREE Rounds of Golf

*Royal Flush - Win a FREE Membership for the remainder of 2015.

By the way, "5's" are wild.

Don't miss out on this fun event, or any amazing specials in the future and "Get Connected" with Stonebridge.

*Must use all five (5) cards to be eligible for prizes*