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Member Standings

Member of the Year Standings

Congratulations to Ed Mathis for winning the 2016 Member of the Year Contest!

The 2017 Member of Year contest has officially started.  Best of Luck to all Members!

Here is how you can earn points this year!

  • Recruit a new member and earn 200 points
  • Play 100 rounds and earn 120 points*
  • Participate in select events and earn 25 - 100 points
  • Play 75 Rounds and earn 90 points*
  • Play 50 Rounds and earn 40 points*
  • Bring Guests out for select events and earn 25 points
  • Spend $25 in the Grill and earn 25 points (monthly)
  • Spend $25 in the Pro Shop and earn 25 points  (monthly)
  • Various other special offers throughout the year 

Points can be earned from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.  
1st Place wins a Full Membership for 2018.
Top 5 Win Silver Prizes
Top 10 Win Bronze Prizes

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Good luck to everyone this year!
*Can only earn points for one (1) of these milestones - tallied up at year end!