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Pardon our Punches

Aerification Bundles - Available April 25 - April 30

Aerification Punches

18 holes with cart, lunch*, special coupon and more!                                         

                                     Monday Through Friday
                             Before 12 pm                     After 12 pm                 

Public                            $30                                   $26 
Passport                        $30                                   $26
PDP               $25 (R)/ $15 (W)                 $25 (R)/ $15(W)
       $25 (R)/ $15(W)                  $25 (R)/ $15(W)

                                  Saturday & Sunday
                             Before 12 pm                     After 12 pm                 

Public                            $40                                   $28
Passport                        $40                                  $28
PDP               $25 (R)/ $15 (W)                 $25 (R)/ $15(W)
       $25 (R)/ $15(W)                  $25 (R)/ $15(W)

FREE Membership Contest

Each round you play during aerification will come with an entry ticket to our putting contest at 5 pm on Monday May 1, 2017.  Everyone who makes their putt will win a complimentary 3 month membership!*
      Your first entry ticket will grant you an opportunity to make a 40 foot putt.
      If you have multiple tickets, you can use them to get 5 feet closer.  For example, if you have four (4) tickets, you would putt from 25 feet away.  (Minimum putting distance is 15 feet)

*Lunch includes entree & snack only.  Must be redeemed same day as round played.
*3 month membership must be redeemed by July 1, 2017.  Voucher does not have any cash value and is not transferrable.

Aerification Gifts and Coupons

Aerification Gifts and Coupons

All active Passport, PDP & Members will receive Gifts with their bundle round.  All bundle rounds come with coupon.

                                  Gift                                                             Coupon

Tuesday                 Dozen Srixon Balls                                                      $10 off next round
Wednesday          Footjoy Glove & Sleeve of balls (choice)*                  $10 off next round
Thursday -            Pair of Sunglasses                                                      30% off one (1) regularly priced item in pro shop**
Friday -                  Wilson Glove & Slv. of Wilson DUO                         $5 off next round
Saturday -            Sleeve of Golf Balls (choice)*                                    $10 off next round
Sunday -               Footjoy Glove                                                              $5 off next round

*Does not include 2017 Pro V1's.
**Limited to in stock merchandise only.